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“El Rey de los Habanos, Inc.” also known as Don Pepin Cigars is an original creation in the United States, considered the hottest Cigar Factory in Miami and headed by Jose “Pepin” Garcia, a master cigar maker that for forty years was considered the best cigar artisan in Cuba.

With his family by his side, he continues to follow the tradition maintained in Cuba for many years, incorporating five of our own brands to the market that demonstrate to knowledge and passion for perfection.

Don Pepin’s goal is to re-create the Cuban style as closely as possible without using Cuban tobacco. He has found that Nicaraguan tobaccos render the flavor closest to the Habanos he has in mind, although other tobaccos are used as wrappers from time to time, notably Ecuadoran grown Connecticut shade. His cigars are not for everyone, as they are medium- to full-bodied and can pack quite a punch.

All of the cigars made at his factories are made in the Cuban style and are finished with a triple cap. In addition, every box is marked with the date of manufacture, a practice which is beginning to gain favor outside of Cuba, where it has always been done.

Pepin Garcia Brands

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label, Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ, Vegas Cubanas and Don Pepin Garcia My Father

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